A Guide To Cat Urinary Behavior Problems


Your cat pees…  Mine does too.

It isn’t a problem, until they start peeing in places they shouldn’t.

Once we realize there is a problem, we need to get a solution, as quickly as possible.

THAT is what this site is about.

We were on a several month journey with one of our cats, and our hope is that, using this information and some of the tools we discovered, you will be able to help your cat get ‘back to normal’ ASAP !!!


* Cat identities have been obscured to prevent Kitty embarrasment !!!

This website is presented with the hope of helping and educating.  The content is created from our experiences, and information found on the web.  Online information should NEVER replace the qualified care of your vet, as a urinary blockage (even if only partial) can be fatal. 

ALWAYS consult your Veterinarian promptly.